Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Who Holds Your Future?

                Sure, it takes a great amount of humility to believe that you can't save yourself; but to claim that the faith you hold is the one (and only one) that can save every living person is dangerous. What we're gambling with is eternity and it's important to be sure on what you believe. I'm a Christian because it doesn't make sense for God to become a man to save His creation... the very ones who have sinned so greatly against Him. The other religions have people claiming to be God, but never God claiming to be a man. Christianity is the only faith that doesn't require me (or you) to redeem myself with my own strength or with how good I can be. It is the only religion that says, “You are such a horrible person that, if you want to reach heaven, you need to be saved by Someone greater than yourself.” But it also says, “That Someone loves you so much that He took your punishment and died to take your sins away. He is the only way to the Father.” Again, it doesn't make sense, and I figure, if this God doesn't make sense, He must be a whole lot smarter than me (Isaiah 55:6-9) and if He's smarter than me... It would probably be best for me to believe  in His plan. I don't know what my future holds, but I know Who holds my future. I have faith in the saving blood of Jesus Christ. I pray that you do too.

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