Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Bias of the Day

** Disclaimer: The following example is used to illustrate the current hot topic but other examples could be used to show how the conservative media outlets change stories to fit their own agendas. Disclaimer **

Story: In order to save a grove of trees from the spreading rot, a conservationist group votes to transplant them to an American forest. In order to protect the new trees and the American forest, the conservationists have to find the rotten ones and destroy them so that the American forest won’t be ruined. 

Mainstream media news report: Right wing extremists don’t want to allow new trees into our forest because of irrational fears that they will destroy our forest. They think the trees should stay where they are.

Mainstream media viewers: Those conservatives forget that their trees came from a different forest too. Rot was killing that forest, but the Native American forest let them be transplanted. They are surrendering to the rot by being afraid of it. 

Conservatives: We aren’t afraid of the rot, we are just trying to protect the great forest we already have. We just want to stop the rot and help the trees that need saving. But these rotten trees look so similar to the good trees that we need to be careful. 

Mainstream media: The right wing racists say that all of the trees are the same. 

Mainstream viewers: Wow. Look at those racist KKK bigots. They hate everyone who isn’t like them. 

Every single left-leaning person is not like this example and every single right-leaning person is not like this example, but the truth is: the news (both liberal and conservative, but more often the liberal side than conservative side) consistently leave out important story elements to create a bias against the other side's ideas or political views. They consistently say that we are not supposed to judge a whole religion (Islam) by the actions of a few extremists while judging a whole religion (Christianity) by the words (and sometimes actions) of a few extremists. In order to get the whole truth, go to the source and read the whole story. Don’t cherry pick the parts you like in order to paint the picture the way you want it. Paint it all. 

Like with Ahmed Mohamed. The liberal media tried to make him out to be some glorious martyr of racism... when in the real story, it is very apparent that he is a liar and succeeded in his plan to create controversy. He is a genius all right. A criminal genius. But I'm probably just being a racist bigot, right? No. Make sure to read the full story first; if people cry "Wolf!" enough, we'll just stop believing them. Read the full story before you make your opinion. Try reading articles from both liberal and conservative writers. Make sure to read with an open mind. The other side could be right, even if you don't agree completely... there may be truth in what they have to say. A house divided against itself cannot stand. We have to work together to stop terrorism and war, not against each other. 

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